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Growth not Products

The person who remains in Jesus, allowing the words of Jesus to remain within them, will be like a well watered tree, like the fruitful branch on an ancient vine (Psalm 1; John 15). The modules below are meant for every stage of growth in grace.

Preparing the Soil gets our souls ready for the amazing Good News of the Kingdom that Jesus preached.

Sowing the Good Seed presents some of the basics of what life in the Kingdom of Heaven can and should be.

Growing Roots is where we embrace new practices and attitudes to deepen our lived experience of heaven in our lives and relationships.

Producing Fruit is the natural reality for good seed in healthy soil, here we are working to water and prune the faithful, so that they might be even more fruitful. This is God's work, but we get to participate.

This collection draws from and is inspired by National XA's LTC GO and Texas Tech XA's LTC Flex.

We are a garden, not a factory. Let's get digging.

...and this garden of resources is still growing

Preparing the Soil

Being thankful is pretty basic, but basic can be powerful. The Bible and contemporary psychology agree that gratitude will change your life.

Who is spiritually lost and what does that mean?

Oh, and why does God have wrath?

Simple questions, right?

Who are you? What are you worth? What is the worth of those around you?

Getting these questions right is key to getting any relationship right.

If Jesus is the Way, how do we  walk in that? If Jesus is the Lord, what does that look like on the daily?

Sowing the Good Seed

Four episode podcast exploring the basic Christian story, the Good News of Jesus and the reality of God.

Jesus seems to make forgiveness from God dependent upon us forgiving others. What gives?

What is the Gospel?

How does it flow in and from the Bible?

How does one communicate it to others?

When God gave humanity the foundational ground rules for living well in this universe, the rule was, is and ever will be: love!

The Bible is ancient, but Christians believe it communicates the living word of God, so let's engage it well.

St. Paul wrote, "Be devoted to one another. Honor one another above yourselves."

Growing Roots

Learning to love God in consistent conversation.

Trusting God - what does that look like? It's key to ditching discouragement, disappointment and anxiety.

How do we build a life that looks like the priorities we claim to value?

What does holiness even mean or consist of? What are its benefits in daily life? Can a human be holy?

Life together - this is the real life. What is it? How do we live it?

Jesus proclaimed the good news and gave his disciples the responsibility to carry the message everywhere. Why? How?

Producing Fruit

What does it mean to make disciples? What does it look like in the 21st Century on the university campus?

Making Disiples of all the nations on campus. Let's go, give, pray and welcome.

Classic message on the human right and responsibility to be fruitful and multiply. Get inspired and be responsible!

Hospitality is love in action and the beginnings of taking responsibility as an influence for God's Kingdom.

Some simple and creative steps for meaningful conversations and making new friends.

Suffering and death for the King? How? Why? What? Are you prepared to lay it all down for Jesus and his kingdom?

Leaders' Notes

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