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Life together

The word "fellowship" sounds very Christian-ese. It is often used to describe the social aspect of Christian gatherings. Coffee and donuts, pizza and games, chatting before church - these are common images of what we call Christian fellowship. But what if there was more? What if Jesus had a richer, deeper, fuller meaning of fellowship than many of us have known? The Bible brings clarity to this question and an incredible call to be the community that belongs to Him and to one another. 

Listen to the audio file Jesus' Call to Community  and read the Chi Alpha Bible study

"We are Family". 


Respond to the message and Bible study here.

Begin practicing one way to care, share, bear with your Chi Alpha community this week. 

Dig Deeper 

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer - free on Hoopla app

True Community by Jerry Bridges - free on Hoopla app 

Practicing the Way - Community - John Mark Comer's church resource page includes several more teachings, practices, and further recommended readings.  

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