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Welcoming like Jesus

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Our world is becoming increasingly more individualized with endless stay-at-home options, reasons to isolate and be divided. The fresh breath of hospitality is an invitation to come to the table to be seen, known and loved. This call to love others over a meal or through a warm greeting is what Jesus modeled and encouraged his followers to do. It is more than being nice. It's often sacrificially extending grace, forgiveness and His love. 


Watch/listen to the message and then complete the Practice below to complete this module.


Take 5 - 10 minutes to prayerfully reflect and/or journal your response to this challenging message. Then, send a short email or video to your mentor/LifeGroup or D:Group leader sharing its application to your life and at least one way will start practicing hospitality Jesus' way.

Read/listen to The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom for free

on the Hoopla app. 

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