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Loving the Nations

God's heart for all nations

Our Father's heart is for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to know and worship Him (Revelation 7:9). We get the opportunity as Christ-followers to partner with Him in seeing people from every background know and love Him. In Chi Alpha, we like to say:

every student goes, gives, prays, and welcomes. 

Step 1: Watch/listen to the video above. 

Step 2: Read through Global Missions Parts 1 & 2 Bible studies. 

            Global Missions Part 1 - God's Heart

            Global Missions Part 2 - Our Part 

Step 3: Respond to the questions here


Begin practicing one habit this week (go, give, pray, welcome).

Tell your small group leader about your experience. 

Dig Deeper 

Do the XAi 21-Day Challenge.

Listen to Chi Alpha's We Live Missions Podcast.

Read Bruchko by Bruce Olson 

Explore the We Live Mission's website and read the article "First Steps in Missions". 

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