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Spiritual Lostness & Divine Wrath


To complete this module…

  • Spend 10 mins (or more) reading and meditating on Matthew 10:24-39 and Proverbs 9:10.

  • Watch/listen to this teaching video, then answer the questions here.

  • Complete the Practice steps below


Dig Deeper

For Christians: After working through all of the response questions, setup a chat with a friend who is not a believer asking them if you can attempt to explain some less popular concepts from the Christian faith and get some feedback from them. Then, do your best to explain why self-centered living is spiritual lostness, why it's good that God has wrath and what it means to fear the Lord. Pray in advance!

For not-currently-Christians: Write down your questions, concerns and even frustrations about these concepts and challenge your believing friend (probably the one who showed you this module) to respond to your feedback.

If you want to dig a bit more into some of this, take a look at these options.

Take a look at chapter 3: Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul of Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart.  (Tulane XA may have some copies on hand, you can buy your own, or you can checkout the ebook or audiobook from Hoopla.)

Complete a thorough Moral Inventory. Find one in Tools for Mentoring or use this 19th century version from Charles Finney.

Read and pray over this collection of updated/edited Charles Finney sermons on Counterfeit Conversion.

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