CLASS OF 2025!


We want you to thrive here at Tulane. We truly believe that being a part of loving Christian community is going to help you do that. Here are our three tips for getting involved and *winning* your first year of college!

  1. JOIN A LIFEGROUP - Lifegroups are small communities of people that meet on a weekly basis to explore faith together. These people become your family and safe haven on campus! These officially kick off the week of Labor Day. In the meantime, visit Connect at 7:15pm on Mondays in the LBC - upstairs.

  2. GET STARTED WITH 1:1s - Our student leaders and staff have a heart to see you grow in your relationship with God. We are excited to meet with you one on one, regularly, so that you continue to flourish in your faith.

  3. HAVE FUN - We have so many fun events planned! At Tulane, you're going to be challenged to study hard! Once you've put in that good work, come out with your Chi Alpha friends and make some lifelong memories. You won't regret it :)

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