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We look forward to meeting you at one of our fun events. Please let us know if we can help you, anytime.

We believe in creating meaningful friendships where God and the Bible can be investigated in a safe and honest environment. We love questions. We love new cultures. We love new friends.


We also want to put our faith into action. We serve the community. We travel the world to help the needy. And, we love to offer our help to international students: rides to the store, help getting furniture, opportunities to practice conversational English and more.


Living in New Orleans and schooling at Tulane, there are so many things that compete for one's attention. I am grateful to God for Chi-Alpha because my participation helped me re-focus on the singular most important thing: God. The many Chi Alpha friends I made and great conversations I had helped mold me into a better person.

Moses Oguntoye, PhD. Chemical Engineering

My dear friends, I am so happy that you chose NOLA, this wonderful place, to start your new life here. I know that life can be tough when you are alone in a different country or different city. But please always remember that Chi Alpha can be your sweet home and you can find your big, warm and lovely family here. You will have chance to make friends with some of the most wonderful and nice people in the world. And there are so many different events which are both interesting and meaningful, from which you can not only know more about God and Christianity, but also know more about yourself and how to be a better person. For me, I love the volunteer events most because from giving away what you have and helping others, you can feel the self-satisfaction and really see how God can work on other's lives. 

Chen, Man "Monica" - Tulane MFin

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Swamp Tour Group

Making friends and meeting alligators.

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